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Main details you will need to negotiate a Contract of Purchase:

1. Passport: the buyer has to be identified. In this case, anonymity is out of the question. This concerns not only the buyer, but the seller as well, so the rights of both sides are protected.


2. The buyer’s stay in Italy has to be legal, so when you negotiate the contract, you have to have a valid Schengen visa.


3. Codice fiscale di Italia (TIN) Any foreigner can get a Taxpayer Identification Number in the Ministry of Finance Revenue Agency.


4. A foreign currency account in any Italian or European bank. You have to take care of this in advance, due do Italian law, according to which all real estate payment transactions have to be through a bank. No cash!



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Price:  3.000 €
San Felice Circeo (110km from Fiumicino airport), 450 m from the sea. It is a two-storey villa with a garden and a garage for two cars. There are four bedrooms – 9-10 beds, two bathrooms and a livi...
Hot Offer!!
Price:  18.000 €
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Price:  14.000 €
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