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Сан Феличе Чирчео (110 км от аэропорта Фьюмичино) 450 метров от моря.Двухэтажная вилла с садом и гаражом на 2 машины. 4 спальни - 9-10 спальных мест, 2 ванные, салон с камином. Кухня с посудомоечной машиной и 2мя холодильниками.


Эксклюзивный объект. Излюбленное место отдыха всех известных личностей Италии и не только.


РИМ самый центр - piazza Cavour 6ой последний этаж в доме с лифтом. элегантная улица в шикарном районе 120 кв м


Великолепная вилла на берегу

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Property in Italy:
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More recently, buying a property in Italy is somehow transcendental myth. Now it is just a formality, and often buy a house in Italy is much safer than in Russia, and a strong legal framework and the stability of the state system to provide constant increase of capital and high liquidity of investments in any Italian real estate.

Of course, you will be faced with a bunch of procedural and legal nuances (in general as always!), And explore a lot of documents and, in the end, to sign a couple of contracts. Unfortunately, to figure you with all unlikely, also in Italian.

But for this there we are!
So if you are seriously considering buying a property in Italy, you just can not do without the help of our experts, who will accompany your transaction from A to Z and defend your rights in all official bodies. And our long-term experience in this field allows us to offer you a brand new service - buying real estate at auction.

Remember: Your every dream can become a reality, and we can help you with that!

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? We are English/Russian-speaking ITALIAN Agency and our office is in the center of Rome (no double intermediation!!!)
? OUR agents have the degrees in juridical science
? WE have a super-specialist in auditing and tax-consulting
? WE guarantee maximum privacy and confidentiality
? WE provide such rare service as taking partin the Italian auction


On our site you will find only a part of the available properties for sale/rent. Contact us and we will provide you a full list based on individual approach taking in consideration personal parameters of each request.

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12 December, 2012
Diamante (Calabria)

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30 November, 2012

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Cirella Village
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